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My first car was a Daimler V8.

If a branch had not fallen on my lovely Daimler V8, maybe things would have been different. That branch put a nice dent in the roof, and the car was sold to my brother for bits. He had a Mk2 Jag, then went and bought another Daimler as well...

Anyway with the Daimler money I bought a MK1 GT6. I never did get that on the road. A great number of school holidays were spent driving the Daimler and GT6 up and down my old mans drive (or through the odd hedge, sorry dad).

I blame that GT6 - as from then on, I've had an interest in all things Triumph. We've had a few TR's (only the later one's I must add) and a number of Dolomite's. The first Dolomite was an 1850 auto, which the wife (then girlfriend) could not get on with, she had just learnt to drive in a manual TR, and could not get used to the auto box. Now, the daily driver has to be an auto. 

We went through a raft of Dolomite Sprints, some good, some - well, not so good and now have a 2 door Toledo.