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May 2013 Spa trip.

Caroline also had a go in a MP4-12C 


Caroline's 911 Turbo. Caroline has wanted a 911 for a very long time and in January 2012 decided to treat herself to a 996 Turbo.

It gets used as an everyday car and the odd track day, it had 50k miles on it when purchased and went straight into Parr for a full service - Parr also did loads of other bits to bring it up to scratch.

It went into my brothers workshop JT Engines to get the Akrapovic Evolution system fitted, but whilst there James said one of the actuators was seized, we we're concerned that Parr didn't pick up on that, but they did have plenty of other stuff to do.

Anyway, what do you do with a seized turbo actuator?

Take the car over to Ken and the boys at Nine Excellence and get a Stage 4 conversion done. 0-300kph in under 30 seconds.

Ken also fitted his front six pot and rear four pot Porsche Motorsport brake upgrade, up-rated the Bilsteins, changed the car to be two wheel drive, did a full geo and ripped out the PCM-1 system and fitted a modern double din bluetooth, satnav thingy.

12th May 12 Ladies Track Day

28th July 12 Track Day

Caroline couldn't resist parking next to a beautiful late GT3 at Goodwood - maybe she'll get one of those in a few years.