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In my youth I've owned a few Triumphs...(my very first car being a Daimler V8 - which a tree fell on - I know a likely story...)

My first Triumph was a Mk1 GT6 - No pictures of that I'm afraid - I never did get it on the road...(sorry Colin), what a pile of crap those Mk1 GT6's are - the rear suspension is a bloody accident waiting to happen.

The next was a white TR7 - and I've a bit of a soft spot for them (daft I know)

_White TR at Abinger.jpg (81545 bytes) Then came the car the wife (to be, at the time) learnt to drive in (way back in 86) _TR7 at Abinger.jpg (74349 bytes)

Which had a few mods _TR7 Engine.jpg (81697 bytes)

Note the original TR and 1850 Dolly in background _TR7 at Abinger 2.jpg (88451 bytes)

Then along came a few wrecks Dolly at Bramble.jpg (127555 bytes) which needed a rebuild or two _Dolly Engine 4.jpg (73785 bytes)

_Dolly at Camelford.jpg (49748 bytes)

And so back to a TR - or in fact a Grinnall V8  _Grinnal 4.jpg (78319 bytes) which was originally white, and was rotten - oh how I remember setting light to myself welding the floor pan up - oh happy days _Grinnal 2.jpg (71307 bytes)

Then I got another TR7 which my mate cooked the engine - so a V8 conversion was afoot _TR in workshop 4.jpg (46351 bytes) The wife wanted a grey I painted this one red as well!!!  _TR Finished 2.jpg (75142 bytes) _TR Finished.jpg (91502 bytes) _TR V8 Engine.jpg (59284 bytes)


And so - (amongst these Triumph's I must add were a few obligatory Mini's, Fiesta's, Cortina's, Capris, Granada's, Golfs, Shovits, Hondas, Monza, Starion...hmmm the list does go on a bit)

Then BM's - first a 525i, then a couple of M535i's (still like those...) and so to 'baby bets' (all the cars end up being a Betsy)

3 Series_1.jpg (89383 bytes) A 318i (hence the baby) and the longest we have ever owned a car - owned since 1997. After the Dolomite's are sorted she gets a proper engine, an M5 lump!

Then the misses got a nice new Z3 2.8 - Our very first new car.  z430-oxfo-1584.jpg (67599 bytes) And it was a nice car - but I stuffed it in a ditch at only nine months old!

At least the misses is still talking to me.

And so a house move, and then we were looking for a track day car - a nice M3 - stuff that - we got a Dolomite - a pooey one!


Another option for a track day car was a Spitfire or GT6 with a Sprint engine like this _GT6 Doly 1.jpg (68480 bytes) I've always wanted to do one of those since we saw one at Brands, and one at Prescott.

A chap has a lovely looking Spitfire, with a Sprint engine, no less, is MegaSquirting it...the lucky chap.



And another lovely GT6