Scimitar SE6 V8
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The missus Reliant Scimitar SE6.

This is my parents car that they bought back in 81 - mum used it for a fair few years before getting more modern machinery. The Scim was left covered in the garage. And as old cars do - to get used to store boxes on.

When I got into track days with the Sprint I pestered Dad into taking the Scim for one - he put the old girl through an MOT and had a great day at Goodwood (roll, roll, rolling along).

And then the work started.

The suspension was upgraded, the old Triumph trunnions were replaced with Jag ball joints and the brakes are now XJS 4 pots - oh - and the 2nd hand tyres were binned.

The heads were decoked - a cold air kit added, the rad was changed...

Dad and Caroline want to keep the car auto (yes it did surprise a lot of people with a 138bhp 3 speed auto going out 9th and coming in 1st)

I can't afford to tune the Ford V6 to over 200bhp - so I bought Caroline a present for Christmas - a Lexus LS400. Caroline smoked about in it for a while - then Dad had a bash - and they both agreed - that'll give the old girl a bit of get up and go.

A nice on the button 260bhp and 260lbft _ maybe a bit more with a slightly less exhaust and no EGR etc.

Click the link below for a movie (not very good quality I'm afraid) of the V8 running.

She lives

The Scim now has the BMW Sports seats from Caroline's BM - the seats are the same as fitted to E30 M3's so should cope very well in the Scim. 

Some pics of the engine bay.

Rear disk conversion underway.

She Moves

Caroline drove the old girl for the first time with the Lexus engine - only in and out of the workshop - but she moves.


June 2010 - after a years hard work from Dad the Scimitar passed it's MOT on Wednesday and was taken by trailer to it's first track day at Goodwood on the following Monday.

Caroline and Mum very happy after a great day.

Going for the noise test

And pulling away from Goodwood  Do a save target as...


RAF Odiham Track day 18th July


Derek (Autonet7 on the Dolomite club) has done a great job on the bodywork.